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Here are some questions we’re frequently asked about our products, our services and our process.

Gutters are essential in the protection of the exterior of your home. They help maintain the integrity of your foundation and protect the overall structure. They prevent water intrusion and keep crawlspaces and basements dry. Gutters are capable of channeling hundreds of potentially damaging gallons of water away from your home. They help prevent wood rot and the formation of molds and fungi. A properly constructed eavestroughing system protects your siding and paint and can prevent costly repairs to your exterior.

Gutters are actually more affordable than most people think. The cost of a new guttering system will have some variables that affect the overall cost. These include: total linear footage, the amount of downspouts and their length, the number of mitered corners, the height of project, and the particular material chosen. For a project that generally costs 1% or less of the value of your home, gutters are extremely economical even given the variables that affect each particular project. Small price, big dividends on protection.

WeatherTek offers a variety of materials for your eavestroughing needs. We currently produce gutters using aluminum, steel, galvanized plus, Ternecoat stainless steel and the king of guttering materials, copper. The material that we use to produce our gutters is of the highest grade. We opt to use .027” thick material, as it is stronger, resists damage, and will last much longer and stay attractive longer than inferior metals.

We install 6” gutters for residential and commercial applications. 5” gutters are rapidly becoming obsolete, as they channel 50% less water than a 6” system. This is especially important in areas that receive heavy downpours and frequent rainfall. WeatherTek also employs 3”×4” downspouts which are much less prone to clogging and direct a larger amount of water away from your home. We are confident that our guttering systems are the absolute best solution for our region and afford you and your home the utmost in quality protection.

We offer 20+ colors, including copper, that can coordinate with virtually any home color or style. Our consultants can assist you in making the perfect choice. You are sure to find the color that best suits you, beautifies your living space, and protects your biggest investment!

WeatherTek offers a variety of products to alleviate chronic clogging of your gutter system. Leaf debris guards and downspout screens are prime examples. While no system is absolutely foolproof, these applications drastically cut down on clogs and the need to clean your gutters, keeping your system functioning at peak performance. Gutter cleaning can be hazardous and expensive over time. Gutter and downspout protection is simply the best alternative to constantly cleaning and flushing your gutters. Our consultants will be more than happy to help you choose a system that works best for your particular needs.

Getting started is easy! Simply give us a call at 904.465.6447 or fill out our contact form to schedule your free on-site consultation. We are more than happy to assist you in any way we can, answer any question, and make the whole process pleasant and stress-free. We provide an important service and enjoy what we do!

Yes! Gutters and proper drainage work in cohesion toward the protection of your property. We can provide you with an array of different solutions including: modern French drains, pop-up drains that perform automatically, water catching cisterns and basins, and landscaped constructs that perform double-duty as aesthetically pleasing features that also direct rainwater away from structures. Drainage strategies and gutters are a natural fit.

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